Little Tao

All food is prepared without using MSG.

Substitute Fried Rice or Fried Noodle for $1.50

隆江豬手Braised Pork Trotter$14.65
魯味雙拼Braised Pork & Tofu$14.65
黃悶雞Braised Chicken$14.65
宮保雞Signature Kung Pao Chicken$14.65
左宗雞General Tso’s Chicken$14.65
四川辣子雞Sichuan Spicy Chicken$14.65
香辣孜然牛Spicy Cumin Beef$15.80
芥蘭牛Beef Broccoli$14.65
紅燒牛腩Braised Beef Brisket$15.80
老罈酸菜魚片Pickle Fish Fillet$15.80
宮保蝦仁Kung Pao Shrimps$14.65
蝦仁豆腐Shrimps & Tofu$14.65
🥬 麻婆豆腐Ma Po Tofu$13.55
🥬 紅燒豆腐 Braised Tofu$13.55
🥬 九層塔茄子Basil Eggplants$13.55

🥬 茶葉蛋Tea Flavored Egg (1)$2.00
🥬 脆口小黃瓜Crispy Cucumber in Mashed Garlic$9.65
🥬 搗椒茄子Eggplant in Mashed Chili$9.65
紅油炒手Wonton in Chili Sauce$10.15
雞湯炒手Wonton in Chicken Broth$10.15
傷心涼粉Chengdu Cold Skin Noodle$7.90
蒜泥白肉Pork Belly in Mashed Garlic Sauce$14.50
棒棒雞絲Bang Bang Chicken in Sesame & Chili Sauce$14.65
自貢冷吃牛肉Spicy Beef Jerky$15.80
五香醬牛肉Five Spices Braised Beef$15.80
夫妻肺片Spicy Beef Tendon & Tripe$15.80
麻辣牛筋Spicy Beef Flank$15.80

for 2 people

酸辣湯Hot & Sour Soup$10.15
海鮮豆腐羹Seafood & Tofu Soup$11.25
西湖牛肉羹Beef, Mushroom & Cilantro Soup$11.25

add 鴨血 Duck Blood to any pot +$5

特色牛肉Special Beef$21.45
肥腸Pork Intestine$21.45
雙脆Pork Kidney & Ox Tripes$21.45

米飯White Rice$2.30
牛肉炒飯/麵Beef Fried Rice/Noodle$15.80
揚州炒飯Yang Zhow Fried Rice$15.80
🥬 素炒飯/麵Veggie Fried Rice/Noodle$14.65

芥蘭牛Beef Broccoli$19.20
土豆燒牛腩Braised Beef Brisket w/ Potato$21.45
水煮牛肉Sichuan Boiled Beef$21.45
香辣孜然牛肉Spicy Cumin Beef$21.45
金湯肥牛Beef Slice in Golden Broth$21.45

豆花魚片Soft Tofu Fish Fillet in Chili Sauce$20.30
老罈酸菜魚片Pickle Fish Fillet in Broth$21.45
乾鍋魚片Deep Fried Fish Fillet w/ Dry Chili$21.45
乾鍋大蝦Dry Chili Tiger Shrimps$24.85
經典烤魚Signature Grilled Fish$38.40
沸騰魚Spicy Boiled Fish$33.85

四川回鍋肉Sichuan Twice Cooked Pork Bell$16.90
嗆鍋腰花Sauteed Pork Kidney$18.05
豆花肥腸Soft Tofu Pork Intestine in Chili Sauce$19.20
乾鍋肥腸Stir-Fried Pork Intestine w/ Dry Chili$19.20
宮保雞丁Signature Kung Pao Chicken$16.90
四川辣子雞Sichuan Spicy Chicken$18.05
左宗雞General Tso’s Chicken$16.90

麻婆豆腐Ma Po Tofu$14.65
魚香茄子Eggplant w/ Garlic and Chili$14.65
小椒土豆絲 Stir Fried Potato$14.65
乾鍋手撕包菜 Stir Fried Cabbage w/ Dry Chili$14.65
九層塔茄子Basil Eggplants$14.65
清炒時蔬Stir Fried Daily Veggies$14.65

濤濤麵Tao Tao Noodle
(Pork Mince, Beans in Special Chili Sauce)
川味牛肉麵Sichuan Beef Noodle Soup$16.90
成都炸醬面Chengdu Soy Bean Paste Noodle$14.65
🥬 西紅柿煎蛋麵Tomato Fried Eggs Noodle Soup$14.65
回鍋肉麵Twice Cooked Pork Belly Noodle$15.80

礦泉水Mineral Water$1.95
薑汁汽水Ginger Ale$2.70
冰紅茶Iced Tea$2.85
王老吉Chinese Herbal Tea$3.70
酸梅汁Plum Juice$3.70
豆奶Soy Milk$3.70
進口飲料Imported Drinks$3.70

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